Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Strengthen Affirmations, Intention, Manifestation with Meditation

We truly are composed of the same elemental material as the sun, the stars, moon and planets, and everything in the universe. Quantum physics has shown that natural laws apply equally to the biggest and the smallest particles. Atoms vibrate at different frequencies, creating color, shapes, forms, sounds, and all of matter. Each atom and molecule is surrounded and wrapped by electromagnetic force. The physical forces of light, electricity, magnetism, and heat are linked together by Electromagnetism – that essence, chi, prana, the vital life force. Sound is a vibration - an electromagnetic force.
Our bodies are made of electromagnetic currents, sound and light waves. Our thoughts and emotions also are electromagnetic forces. Emotions travel on the mind’s electromagnetic current to every atom in our bodies. Everything operates on and creates magnetic force – causing other atoms, all beings, to move towards each other.

So, you might be asking now, what is the point?

Everything that happens begins within our bodies.

Thoughts begin in our mind, in our deepest  inner self. Our thoughts and our words have their own force and physical power. We make decisions based on our thoughts that radiate throughout the Earth – the ether – the universe, putting our own unique imprint on the history of life.  Wars, rainforest devastation, the Gulf Oil spill ... world peace, healing, democracy ... all began (begin) with thoughts leading to actions.

You've heard of “the power of positive thinking.” Most of us have heard about affirmations. Affirmations are words repeated daily – either silently or verbally – that start as seeds of thought in the conscious mind. Affirmations generate emotions, a flow - magnetic and emotional – within the body. This flow stimulates action, and manifestation follows upon action.

I practice affirmations every day – I have for years. While perusing Twitter late last week (of all things, really!), I came across an astonishing reminder that how one phrases an affirmation is so powerful. Andrea Conway, a Law of Attraction coach from Denver, writes an interesting blog about Attraction marketing for small business success. My attention was captured by her writing about the power of two little words that are “total manifestation powerhouses” – the words are “I AM.” These words are central to the teachings of the mystical lecturer Neville (1905-1972).

As Conway wrote, according to Neville,

"whatever you declare yourself to be with “I am” becomes the condition you express, and the entire universe agrees with it.”
Think about these words. When you think about – and verbally describe – your current situation, what do you say? “I am struggling to make ends meet” ... "I'm not selling anything lately", or are you saying “I am a successful, thriving artist”.

"I AM"

Conway points out that Neville states that we have free will. We can choose any condition that we wish. And because thoughts have energy, we become what we choose, and this is how the universe sees us.

Meditation is the most effective way to change our thinking, the energy that radiates outward to the universe, and that comes to manifest what we are.

To begin working with your “I AM” power, begin with concentration and meditation. During concentration, focus in your mind on “I AM” and let go all other thoughts and concerns. Follow the concentration period with meditation – listening to the silence, the vibrations from The Mystery. Be aware of the feelings flowing around and through you. Experience deep calmness, perhaps a sensation of lightness, or floating on currents of air or water. Begin to add descriptive words to your “I AM” awareness – perhaps the words are “eating healthy food”, “in good shape”, “filled with joy”, “in love”.

Repeat your statement quietly, calmly – speaking it out loud is best. Notice shifts in mind-set, your outlook, how you feel physically, and how it manifests all around you. You can even write your “I AM” statement down on a little piece of paper, and carry it in your pocket with one of your favorite crystals to generate energy and remind you throughout your day.

My new Affirmation and Intention Mini-Talisman is crafted to assist you in working with your own power of thought, helping you focus, strengthen your affirmation, and bring in crystal energies of abundance, inspiration, and Spirit Energy. With Rhodonite, Herkimer Diamond, Heliodore, and Imperial Golden Topaz.


All thoughts, all change begins within us. Thoughts are energy. Change how you think, how you speak, how you act, how you live!

Check out Andrea Conway's "I Am" blog

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  1. What a beautiful post. Just the reminder of the use of the words "I am" is so powerful. thank you for sharing this :)