Friday, January 7, 2011

Lilac Amethyst Spirit Quartz - The Higher Self - Understanding Crystal and Spiritual Terminology

Working with crystals for healing and meditation is a daily delight. One of the most interesting and challenging aspects is the constant research I engage in to find new crystals and to understand how they work. I love learning about how the chemical structure of the mineral combines with the physical and mental aspects of what one is seeking, and how all this comes together to inspire and support healing and meditation. Over the several years of working with these fascinating minerals in my art, I have studied quantum physics, color theory, and geology.
I recently participated in a well-respected art show in San Francisco. My booth-mate commented that she was amazed at the incredibly personal information shared by my customers during our brief encounters. That's been my experience at every show I've done, and is part of the fascination and reward of this aspect of my work.
I have many customers finding me at a show who are in great physical or perhaps emotional pain, or who are seeking spiritual healing and help in coping with their personal challenge(s). When I'm at an art show, I sense these invisible but powerful tendrils of healing white light emanating outward from my booth, wrapping around those with a particular need and drawing them to me. When they find their way to my little space, I see the light of understanding come to their eyes as they realize what I'm offering. Sometimes all we do is talk - perhaps about a difficult dream that they don't understand, or about a physical or emotional situation causing them distress. There is often no sale, no discussion of what I'm selling - yet their concern is heard, and they received something they needed to obtain some relief and understanding. This is part of my work as a healer, shaman, medium, the calling that is expressed in all of my art. It is why I do what I do.

My cat and dog listen to me comment about pieces I come across in my travels containing information on the healing qualities of a piece posted by (one assumes) well-meaning sellers and artisans. This information is all too often provided by vendors who appear to be basically sticking descriptive words about the gemstone on their wares to attract buyers, yet who do not work with or practice healing and meditation as part of using this information responsibly. Buyers need to be aware of the reasoning and understanding behind this kind of content before making decisions about what will best meet their need(s).  I am thrilled to know that my profile page is the second-most viewed page of any on my Etsy shop site. My talismans and crystals are conciously "charged" with the healing energy that comes through me from Spirit - like electricity flowing from the source. I am deeply gratified by the response and trust of my customers who understand that I "walk the walk", and that I have a strong background for the information and healing work that I promote.

Having recently acquired some beautiful Lilac Amethyst Spirit Quartz, I spent several hours combing my crystal resources and the Internet for information. I came across a number of references to this crystal's  help in connecting the user to the "Higher Self", and realized I needed to know more. I want to make sure that the information I provide to buyers is accurate and helpful - not just some fancy sounding words that cause more confusion than it helps.

The Higher Self is an ethereal energy field beyond our usual conscious awareness (called the “Superconscious”) that brings knowledge and information from a higher source, either spontaneously or intentionally. Described by some sources as an "indestructible unit", a concentrated mass of energy, the Higher Self is the Divine Spark of Infinite Intelligence or God in every living organism. This energy is condensed memory, like a hologram, holding the wisdom and memory of every vibrational frequency in which it has existed.

This energy comes from the essence and minerals found in the human body as well as all other organisms that have ever lived on the Earth, and includes past lives of your own soul (for those who accept reincarnation), the knowledge comes from the stars, the Earth, Air and Water, the movement of continents, the forming of essential minerals...from all that is and all that has been....

Spirit Quartz helps you become aware of these learnings and use the information to progress on your overall journey in this life. It is a powerful crystal for aiding healing and spiritual growth. This crystal has the important ability of helping remove fear - of one’s current situating, concerns for personal safety, even the state of the world –bringing joy and spontaneity.

Another favorite crystal that I love working with that assists in connecting the "day to day" self with the Higher Self is Lithium Quartz.  Additional crystal suggestions for tuning into the Higher self include Hemimorphite and Elestial Quartz crystals.

Lithium Quartz Crystal Point

Other "Higher Self" crystals include Moss Agate, Sapphire and Selenite. There are may crystals that can happily assist you in working with your Higher Self - check your favorite crystal books and resources.  

Upcoming blog posts will cover other interesting terminology about crystals, healing and meditation -  look for info to come soon on the physical, emotional, spiritual and etheric bodies, and how these connect to the chakras and the aura!

I'm happy to hear about your questions regarding the sometimes confusing terminology associated with crystals, healing and meditation. Post it as a question/comment here or email me, and I'll do my best to get some information that helps!