Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thoughts on Midwinter

Midwinter - a time of reflection, regeneration, assessment and planning for the upcoming year's harvest. Short days, long nights. Hibernation. Weather changes and storms blowing down from the North. Remembering the change of seasons and connecting to all that is. Colors of white, grey, brown ... and green in California!

Each season has a purpose in our existence.

For most indigenous cultures, the Winter is the season of the Air Element and the North direction. Winter is the season for Manifestation.

The Air Element is the element of the Mind - of freedom of movement, higher vision, and inner spiritual renewal. AIR is the second primary element of creation. Air has no boundaries. Life on Earth begins and ends with Air. This element is also called the Wind Element. Wind moves vast amounts of Air around, bringing change and clarity - the phrase "clearing the Air" describes the action of Wind. The Air Element governs the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Air energy is transparent. Gemstones for Air/Wind help us to enhance vision, understanding and mental clarity. Often colors of Blue and Violet, Air/Wind gemstones include Blue Aragonite, Blue Calcite, Blue Aventurine, Tanzanite, Iolite, and Fluorite, among others.

Cultural Anthropologist, author and educator Angeles Arrien (one of my teachers) developed the Four Fold Way that draws on cross cultural traditions, ancient wisdom and shamanic traditions for applications in contemporary journeys. She teaches that Winter is the season of the Warrior. Warriors are leaders. They must develop and practice responsibility and discipline, and understand the impact of all actions - those taken and also those not taken. Warriors are willing to take a stand. The Rattle is the tool of Winter and the Warrior.

We can all use the time and lessons of Winter to reflect on our actions and the results of the past year, and identify where we need to change and grow for the year now unfolding.

The Earthpath Artisans Team of Etsy is conducting a Midwinter Challenge. Go to the Earthpath Blog (see below). Check out the creative submissions on the topic of Midwinter and vote for your favorite (mine is the Intention Basket Talisman - hint!)

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